Buying reals

So I was looking at the reals packages available for purchase and noticed that they're in the wrong currency for my country. I need Euros, not dollars. Furthermore all my browsers are blocking purchases from this site with pop-up warnings about the security of this site not being up-to-date.
Maybe it's worth looking into it?
I will let Dreidan know.
new players are given the first reals offer in Russian.
The game has always displayed reals in dollars on PC in my experience from when i first played back in like 2013/14 and now, I use GBP so not helpful, but can always just google and convert the costs. Would be much better if you could select the currency you want to use and then the amount of reals you want rather than everyone seeing dollars.
Bump. Still seems to be a problem, my computer blocks everything due to security reasons.
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