Have notified Dreidan, he is working out the kinks so there will be bugs this week while enacting the Mixed SBs.
Ok it fired but it’s wrong.

We had enough sadar and enough valor to make teams yet it mixed us.
Way to smash it.
only so can they test it.

I find the idea nice not as boring being one can have all kinds of combis of teams.
Lol, what is wrong, some lol memebers on wrong side? All wants mixed ( what is totally broke idea of game) sbs, now u have, again bad!!! Coool update, inwant see more links
Ok now it won’t fire at all.

Can we please test this on non sb days. My clan will gladly join q for this.

Pandor wasted 2 full sets of buffs because both q were full and it should have fired. Can he get reimbursed please?

Can we have another heroism day to make up for this? Perhaps Sunday or add it tomorrow with MV
I agree lets debug on non sb days
No one queues up for Sea battles on non heroism days. I would be happy to do Sea battles every day of the week for more rep and heroism but no one queues up then.
Informed Dreidan of requests, will update when I know more.
TarKaen, I queued, twice, yesterday. And will continue to try to queue twice a day during non event days.

For those that used buffs, Leane noted in updates that there may be bugs, you might want to start using glyphs instead or, even better, try a couple SB without buffs at all
In que but says que is empty?
Storm Kat, I do the same sometimes, would love to have sea battles everyday again, doubt it will happen at the amount of people who queue up on non heroism days.
GinBlossum, TarKaen, 6 queues yesterday, all solo 1/0. Maybe next weekend.
Storm Kat, been away this weekend so couldnt join you :( maybe next :)
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