Clan wars...

There were 6 clans in the application : 9th , fallen , LoL , inferno , elitists and we , but for some reason , elitists and we not have war.... WHY ?
Yes we got dropped too.
Clan war matches are based on Level and Military History.

It is unlikely Avengers and Elitists would paired based on these 2 factors. IE had Cherubims in their last war, which opened them up to a more difficult clan of 9th this week and The Fallen had 9th last week , so they got League of Legends this week as a less difficult opponent. As Elitists had League of Legends last week, they would not get a match up again with a smaller clan that is still Level 2. Mixture of the 2 factors mentioned above is the reasoning for those who apply but do not get selected even though there are enough participating clans.

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