Shah quest

I was playing and earning my shabb essence for quest and was getting essence then emperors bounty quest came in and I was no longer able to get essance I was at 603/750 and can’t earn more dew to bug in game I would like fixed and please allowed extension on time to finish quest please
Same and i posted in bugs area
Please give us credit for quest!
Same is happening with me
Its because they made the limit lower for this and server finished this and got the reward for it. None who started quest after them, can make or finish quest and get the regalia. Im wondering what was the limit... 1500 so only 2 ppl can finish it? This quest i only do for regalia. =( i mean would do if its not finished already. What about dragon bloods? We are no longer able to farm rep? Is it also a small number so none can finish it? Please do something.
For those who have doubt, we allways had limit and will have limit on dragon bloods too. What some asked without thinking to lower that limit so server can finish and all be great. I would better work on quest and have the reps then have 5% on mob drop. But ty anyways
Same that is redicioulus !!!
Same not work omg help)
It is because max essences were hit by the server in total and the emperor's bounty was received as reward. I am contacting him to see if he's back yet and will try to work out a solution if possible.
Since event has hit completion, he cannot fix it now.

I apologize for the delayed response- he will increase the necessary amount of essences serverwide for the following event so there won’t be an issue with people completing their quests.
Thanks) and give me regalia)))
Yea the regalia would be nice after going to trouble of getting required essence, and not being able to hand it in because the timer was wrong
Yeah give us the regalia please
I would like the rep please. Since we will not be given a change to earn rep other than these events, and admin keeps messing around instead of learning from past events, it seems fair.
Totally agree with amherst ty
I will ask in regards to requests for compensation.
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