From what I understand there technically are none. The clanned not attacking other clanned is more of an unspoken out of respect for each other.

But, I suppose the only rule is do not attack yourself or another in a pre-arranged fight. We will be able to see it and we are able to take away rep from cheaters who try to circumvent the rules.

Not just rep.. but jail too. With a hefty fine that is out of context with gains but that is another thread I guess
Just as clarification-

For people we catch rigging fights, if it is less than 10, we give 1 and only warning to knock it off.

As some have heard from me or other guardians:
First and only warning. I see multiple combats where you join fights with toons from the same account or rigging fights with your friends. If I see one more instance of this, it will be 200 reals shackle for both toon.

If you have done more than 10 combats from a first look, it is automatically 50 gold fine.

And we absolutely mean it when we say, 1 more fight where you are rigging it clearly, we will not hesistate to put 200 reals shackle. The 1st warning is already generous and you can thank Dreidan for that because if it was based solely on what is written on the Rules page- there would be no discussion and no 1 chance, auto 200 reals shackles. He felt we should give a chance for everyone to reflect and avoid cheating behavior.

Oh, and Rep gained from cheating will be removed.

I personally take cheating very seriously cause otherwise, if everybody can just cheat rep, there’s 0 point for people to spend money or spend time here working to make a better character.
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