Clan War Confrontation

Just wondering if you get more confrontation for winning a fight in a clan war than winning a BC/Arena fight?
More... but I don't understand, how it works. Maybe each killed player from enemy team accounts as +1 kill in BC fight.
Maybe you get more conf for killing higher levels?
-Miracle-, No, at 90 lvl you still get more rating from 2 hrs war, than from 24 arena wins)
Weird, oh well not going to complain lol
would assume you get more as clan wars are only twice a week, where as arena is every 5 minutes.

there, we need a guide, what counts toward conf points. torlings used to (don't think they do now). Sydian mine fight, ore mine fight, arena, 7b, ruins, sea, war, bc, did i miss any?
Amherst, Maze pvp fights must too, but I didn't checked. Also beacon fights give +1 point to all participants, if it was PvE... and more points in PvP (I've got 35+ but still don't know the formula). Miner-torlings also give +1, when you protect the mine from their attack.

But this is too exotic. The main way is still arena... where you get points for each win, even with bots, damage and kills doesn't matter.

I know general rules, but don't have numbers... Will post a guide, but it will be for noobs)

and win vs loss. Seems that those under 5 minute loses add up ;)
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