VIP offers, xmas deals and lotterys

Hey guys

First i’d like to say thanks too for all the changes, infos, topics AND answered we get.. thats much appreciated!

I did bought 1 offer that was maybe first day VIP offers as i knew they’re were more (i was told they’re were 3)...
I received everything instead of 4k sydian!
I ‘ve contacted support and send all infos, time and receipt etc as requiered and i still waiting to get them!
Because of it, i couldn’t trust another thoses VIP purchase till they fixed it and i’ve missed the others offers!

BUT i still wonder and i’d like to know if we will get again thoses xmas special offers with thoses shiny’s orange and red parcels like last year?!

And also if we will ever get any of thoses lottery’s again even if i’m always unlucky as hell lol (prolly because i don’t buy enough tickets compare to others lol) too get thoses shinys and rares fluffy mounts?! Or any other “advantage” stuffs to kick some zerks ass hihi ( still love you guys lol )

And finally, i got in my BP some special arrows from an acheivement that i’ve done that i can’t use somehow that i’d love to know why pls :)

Thanks in advance
I’ll let him know on Monday about the 4K sydian. Please PM me or post in forum next time. It may take a bit but he normally fixes this stuff quicker when you contact one of the guardians since we have a direct line to him.

Raffle has not been set in stone yet, so orange and red parcels are not a sure thing yet.

What kind of arrows are they? Please put name.

Thank you very much honey!

I did receive a response from support by mail on thursday saying that it was suppose to b nowe in my tavern room but my amount didn't change.

And the arrows are “Artful Hunter's Arrow”.

I’ll remind him tomorrow about the sydian, he would be the one fixing it.

Okay, noted on the arrows.
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