Stats on black mounts

The library info only goes up to 81k mounts.

Does anyone know the stats for the 170k BC and Corsair black mounts?
BC 170 → 3702 HP
Hero 170 → 3393 HP
Corsair 170 → 3393 HP

Lottery mounts have 4000+ at 90 lvl.

But too fat mounts sometimes prevent you to use Neph... I'm feeling comfortable with red mount at 90 lvl... and sometimes using blue or violet, which die exactly when neph is ready. +Experiment with Electrifying Infusion of Fury... )

170k Idols have 24,000 hp, +/-1000 base dmg and Cursed Balm

170k Phantom has about 50% more HP, than 81k

170k Omnimach has 85,000 hp and 85 lvl)) Usually deals 100,000+ dmg at our SB.

About 70+ lvl armor and neph improvements... here →
And 70+ lvl magic →
Some stuff about rebirth →
Doom phantom orb is exactly same as replicant amuelt
Thank you so much, you are always full of knowledge.

I can’t wait to see one of those 170k omni’s.
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