special offer bug???

i was stocking up on reals to buy and build my rep and there has been those generous offers of extra real as a "VIP Offers", but when i wanted to get it the window didnt get me to the selection for the offers nor did it give me the promotion once i bought the amount that the promotion asked after i bought it. Is that a bug on the system or is dragon eternity telling me to relax on my real purchase for the moment. plz some help guardians.
Bug - more than likely as this is first attempt on this kind of promotion / reals deal. Will let Dreidan know about the glitch, he returns on Monday and will address the issue then.
Leane, alright leane thnx for the info
I also have a mistake because of which I could not take advantage of a special action, the first time it turned out and the second time it did not, and it (the special offer disappeared) help.
I purchased the 540 reals deal thru PayPal and got nothing.

Dreidan helped me once again.

Thank you Mr. Dreidan.
Hopefully he got to everyone today. I let him know about the post so he could go through and make sure everybody got what was supposed to be part of the reals deal. If not, please feel free to PM me or post here. Thank you!
No one has contacted me yet.
Leane, trying to get into contact but nothing yet plz help
He has reached out to the ones that notified me. If anymore have issues please feel free to PM me or post here.
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