Special offer.....

While the extra reals are appreciated progressively asking me to spend more to get the exact same rewards as the previous offer seems pretty stupid if you ask me.

Hey buy this much and get a casket and 2000 sydian and we will increase your purchase by 50%!
Hey now double your previous purchase and get 2 caskets and 4000 sydian and we will increase your purchase by 50%
NOW......double your previous purchase and get 6caskets and 8000 sydian and we will increase your purchase by 50%

I'm not saying it's not a great deal for some people.....but the third offer kinda slapped me in the face saying ahh thanks but GSY.....
The offers were meant to be similar to a real deal with bonus of sydian. Originally, no plans to increase to 90 , but just some ongoing works and talks in background can lead to a nice change. The extra sydian should help a few with first
couple upgrades.

I understand some were looking more for special marks. I will bring up other suggestions for items to be included in reals deals in the future to him based on responses received.
What exactly are the promotions for buying reals at the moment? Would be fun to know beforehand.

The first promo
Buy 25 and get 25 back plus some goodies (smaller casket)

The second promo
Buy 49 and get 41 back (it totals to 90) plus the orange casket and 2k sydian.

The 3rd promo did not pop up for Leane. But it is as Othie described I assume.
Lower lvls got goodies and bonus real, caskets... but not much else
while I thank the admins for giving us nice offers again the third is a bit too much for me as well.

I really loved the first and the second was tolerable....third no way lol.

But....having special offers even available again makes me happy - so thank you
Well i dont want to spend my money lol almost everything here entails reals
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