So u guys working for a DRAMA NOVEL?? U guys forgoting this a virtual game , something happens Linda and elitists fault . C'mon guys not use forum for that , u have issues or complains talk with Dreidan or one of council . Everyone talk about Linda she is this she is that , call her names ....
Ok i think most are adults here , everyone says that elis not a good clan to be but i not think that way , i was on fallen a great clan i was happy there haved and still have good friends there , but one day i call for help but 1 clannie refused to help me ... so i think what im doing here ?? If i need help and its refused ?? So yes i leaved and joined here , Till now if i call for help Linda allways there for me . But right a little drama for my part too ... But guys play the game , stop with acusations on forum , that not would help game and admnistration not care about that , instead use forum to write ideas to develop game further . That way maybe admnistration will work on new updates and some that left and other new ones will join . Let Linda and Elitists alone please. Get some fun and help game grow and get more new things that we can enjoy .... Sorry my bad english
F-E-N-I-X, You didn't ask Odin that. You asked Othie that...... so you don't even know your clan mates but expect them to farm for you for hours? Odin helped you with many other things, as did I, and many other clan mates, including Othie. Again, you really should delete this post, seems even YOU were not there when this all happened.
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