A real question for admin re:trade rules

Last night I wanted to sell Skild to a friend. My price list price is 30c per. This is also the price I find today (34c per in AH). But last night there was 1 lot listed for 1s35c per.
Please take a moment to discuss this issue. I would like reassurance that the price listed previously approved as ok is still valuable (listed in trade tab, will link when home on computer). If I had sold to my friend for 30c rate, would that have been illegal? And why is anyone even allowed to post for 1s35c, did it sell for that? Thank you in advance
So in general, our stance is that make the trade relatively fair. We are not looking to shackle people that are maybe a few silver off. There’s a huge difference between selling a blue hero piece for maybe 13 gold (versus the 18-20 I see) and trading 50 Weakness orbs for 1 blue hero piece.

If In general skild goes for that 34s, that price is acceptable.

If someone elects to jack up the price for something, there is not a rule against that as long as they aren’t selling to themselves trying to move gold.

The person that started selling death essences for 3 silver per 1 which is triple the price it was originally, everyone else followed suit and began selling at that price. That became the new norm.

Auction house is meant to fluctuate, but for trade rules: we are really just focusing on outright cheating in terms of trade rules.

I have seen some questionable trades myself, but the ones that got shackled: we are talking outright moved many collection pieces and resources for close to nothing. Or they were clan thieves that stole and thought we couldn’t track the movement of items between many many alternates.

For all players- just use your best judgment. If you see something that is clearly overpriced, sell for what it has been going for lately. If you are not sure, please feel free to message any of the council members and we will be happy to advise on a general price range.

For example: green protector pieces have been selling for 2 gold, I always sell for 1.5g. So the range would probably be between 1.1 to 2 gold. Higher than what is was previously, but if you sell it for 30 silver for your friend- it’s clearly superbly lower than the average. I don’t have to do the math to know that. Same for blue hero pieces. They range from 15-22 from what I have seen, so don’t sell to your friend or yourself for like 7gold which is the reals price. It’s clearly much lower than what it’s worth.

More blunt way to put it but ^ use common sense.
"A price for an traded item is acceptable if it falls within the range ± 30% of its average market value. That is, an item should be sold for no more than 130% and no less than 70% of its current value averaged among other recent trades."

Market Price – An item's average selling price on auction (lowest price + highest price / 2; in case of investigations is defined by a Guardian).

Sometimes complying with that rule becomes a bit difficult and even tricky, because some items' market price doesn't fluctuate as much so you know more or less how much you should pay for them in ah or in a trade with a clannie or your alt, but there are other items whose prices vary in a wide range based on the supply and demand of the item. On the other hand, sometimes there is nothing posted in ah so how do you know how much to pay for the item in a trade?

So I think we should be allowed to use hover price as a reference price. Let's say someone wants to sell 1k skild for 10g in ah and someone else is willing to buy at that price, meh... that's their concern not mine but I shouldn't be forced to buy or sell from a friend, an alt or a clannie at those rates based on that crazy price imo.
Selling protector green pcs for 2g is a rip-off, last time I saw a blue protector pc, this was selling for 4g or so. A full blue collection would cost around 20g and it would give me 150 rep. if I buy green protector coll for 2g, a full coll would be 10g and 50 rep... so it is way cheaper to buy the blue collection. Wasting so much gold on so little rep doesnt make sense to me.
well there is the old standard that 1 real = 1.5-2g....as it is set in most clan real exchangers.

so if you can buy it for 1 real...paying 1.5-2g is equivalent

If I am not sure and the AH is listed with scammer prices as we know some people will quadruple the price just to be a pain...I go roughly 20% higher than the game price.

Again it is using best judgement and asking others. I am sure if you really are concerned - council members wont mind anyone asking.

Maybe create a thread where you post your selling questions/concerns and they can respond :)

Stay within a reasonable price range of what it is going for it has been going for.

If skild has been selling for 30-40 silver but 1 person has elected to jack up the price, you can still sell to yourself or friend for the 30-40 silver.

As for collection pieces:

4 gold - 30% = 2.8 per piece, for which as long as you stay within range, aka 2.3-2.8 gold per piece it’s fine to do.

We are talking selling pieces for 1 silver to 1 gold for it to be illegal. Or nothing. Some people have traded over 20 collection pieces for nothing. From a shackling stand point- we are really looking for you to charge a reasonable amount of gold for an item. 2 gold (what they used to sell for) is not far from 2.3 or 2.5 gold.

If you’re not sure about the pricing, you can reach out to any of us for a price check.

Thanks for the clarification. Now, if you guys can make a price check it means you have some prices set or a range, wouldnt be easier if you guys come up with a price list and post it in forum?

The difficulty with that is the changes in Auction House-

Death essences will be my example: they now go for 3 silver per versus the 1 silver.
But as long as you use the 30% , bringing it down to 2 gold you’re fine.

Just as blue pieces used to go for 2 gold, meaning the 30% would’ve made it 1.1-1.4gold. So it’s easier for us to answer than establish the list when prices can change.

However, I can make a list if everyone prefers this but it would be subject to change.

— also I haven’t forgotten about your request for updated nephilim. I will be testing out the quests soon so I can know exactly what the new ones in place are.

FYI- Sea battle quests for nephilim have now been changed to be payable by reals.
Small update :)
FYI- Sea battle quests for nephilim have now been changed to be payable by reals.
Small update :)

YAY! Thank you very much, sadly I still need 1k corsair rep to buy the scrolls lol and since I have not been able to get into any SB yet it will take a while but being able to pay for the kills should help.
Leane (or any guard/council), when you have time, could you check my list http://dragoneternity.com/forum/trade_quarter/12923.html and tell me if any are obvious trade violations please :)
And as much as changing SB quest to reals does help individuals, the mixed battles and no reals would have helped the whole server get more battles going. Thank you to admin for an update but I feel it was the wrong way to go when a group-encouraging option was available.
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