Cool downs...

There's a very annoying glitch after Halloween event. Whenever you use two or more items and they end up with the same amount of rounds on the cool down timer, when said amount of rounds pass... You can only use one of these items while the other one remains with 1 round cool down (sometimes the 1 stays for 2 extra rounds). This is kind of annoying for those fights that you must execute flawlessly in order to win those close fights.

For example, if I use Confused Mind VIII & Boldness Strawberry Ice Cream on the same round. After two rounds, I will be able to use Confused Mind but the Ice Cream remains on cool down with 1 extra round. When it's two items, it's always the one you clicked last that remains on cool down.
If you have 3 items on cool down, I believe the one you clicked BEFORE the last remains on cool down.

Also, I would like to thank you guys for working hard on this Halloween event it was very fun and I'm looking forward for more events like these
Hmmm I wonder if it’s just the Halloween items that have a glitch.

And also, I totally love the new idea for the Halloween resurrections! They were a super huge help and a lot of fun in the war yesterday. :)
Leane, Hmm... that might have been a bad example lol it happens with any two items though - when they are on the same cool down. I've tested with glyphs and spells, glyphs and strikes and still get the same result.
Jose M,

Okay I am going to put in Mod Chat, hopefully he will be able to get to it.
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