spark of inception and overly exaggerated prices in AH

I know we all want to upgrade our armor and reputation so that we can dominate our level braquet and all. But what happen when you weren't able to get enough spark of inception when you were lower level to upgrade all of your magic first. Surely enough i heard: "buy the spark in auction that's the only way of getting them. So how do you expect any player that want to progress but their magic level and power gets stuck for not been able to power it up. I have been looking up the prices for the spark of inception compare to the other spark and i believe that its so high that i must spend so much on it when all the other spark after that you can buy them with reals and cost less in AH. So please this may just be me crying here but I'm pretty sure that creating and alt to get those spark of inception might be another bypass into getting them quicker but its annoying to be having to wonder about the percentage of the drop rate or if you will get it at all.
Please guardians/game developers any help on this matter.
Make alts, farm sparks with them, buy for the legal price with main. Only suggestion I have at this time.
Sorry but we cannot prevent someone from selling something at a higher price.

Death essences used to cost 1 silver each, but now legal price has been upped to 3 silver or more each. The price fluctuation is part of the reason we suggest taking average price and - 30% if selling to yourself.

Or, you can make an alternate to farm the sparks (hunter traps for jaw bones tend to drop pretty well the inception sparks).
a good suggestion from the council would be to make these sparks open to be purchased as the rest of the sparks can be. Why suggest alts as the only choice? Sad that the only suggestions we seem to get, make alts, they are the answer to all prayers.
Hummm u guys put pro colections to very high prices , but not can change spark prices why?? 1 year ago or so the prices not were so high. And im speaking on every thing u sell or buy on auction . Try to put a price on things , a based price that would help , not geting more more and more alts to game . That would help newcomers becaus if they start playing and see that can't buy things that they need to up , they quit on few days . But is only my ideas .
F-E-N-I-X,+1. Made a list a very long time ago with prices and it wasn't that hard to do. A price guide for players, approved by council, would act as a great guide for new players and a starting point for getting these crazy high prices down.

Well the reason for high pricing is due to the gold availability now. Not everybody spends money here, but those who have, have gotten a magic gift which does significantly impact your gold making. Before, HoP for everyone was maximum 20 gold. Now, 1 HoP can yield 150-200 for some. So to them, it’s no issue to spend 1.5 gold on a green protector piece (what I sell them at). Hence, probably the reason they sell it higher because they think others are making what they are.

Also, pricing has always been jacked up: I recall paying 25 gold for barbian leggings from a player named: pingolpin. But he was the only one selling it so I bought it and this was about 6 years ago. Prices are still that high for green gear. But, new players now have it much easier, so some aspects should be hard. Green gear can now come from instances for which it only costs 3 reals from what I recall. When I started, I caved for probably close to 7-8 hours just for one of the group to get a green piece of gear.

And, just from my perspective, the reason they haven’t made sparks of inception readily available is because they wanted to make some parts difficult. Most sparks can be bought for reals: so some people make an alt, let it gather reals and then buy it/ sell it back to themselves versus someone farming for hours, getting frustrated, then putting in the reals to just buy sparks (using gold conversion 1:1)

Now, that’s not to say it may not change as they have been relatively receptive to some proposed changes so they may elect to change it. But, without timeframe, and for those who do not want to wait, I think it’s good to use an alternate to help yourself. And, I don’t see why an alternate who spends 5-6 hours farming inception sparks (if you have the time) is somehow worse than spending money.

Alternates were made in order to help you, hence why there are so many lvl 36 -38 characters that run around with 81k professions. Use the tools available to your hand. But, if you aim to compete with top players, spending money to win is unavoidable in my opinion. There are many things you can craft: but to have the money buffs on constantly, that is in fact what gives an edge to cashing players versus non-cashing.

I will post in the moderator chat for suggestions so at the very least the point is brought up.
Leane, . Very well written. Can I get some of your morning juice too? Lol.
Storm Kat,

Haha I think it would be scary to know what I am like if I actually drank coffee. I think I drink maybe 2 cups max a year. 7am does some okay writing though. :)
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