Let me make this clear here people

Alllllll the coffee is MINE!!!

There is no hiding it....no switching out my stash for decaf......no holding back any drops of coffee from me at any time!

some little draggy is trying to be mischievous with my coffee stash that I have left here safely tucked away so long ago. If she keeps up with her devious ways I may have to forum ban treats from her again.

So if you want to stay safe and not have a cranky nurse...please keep your halls stocked well with coffee....any kind will do EXCEPT decaf

PS: Nooblet stay away from my espresso machine!

however if you are nice to me....I MAY consider sharing. I may...no guarantees
except my coffee, i can hide it all i want
Nurse Ratched, you might have a monopoly on clan’s coffee but all the beer is mine!!!
Sneaks the coffee into my purse.

What coffee Me no see nothing!
Bones420, NO! MINE....and dont you forget it!! Moon keeps a stash safe for me anyways


Katnip Kingpin, Hmmmm....that works for me! I dont like the hangovers anyway LOL

Leane, I see you been hanging around Brat420 huh. BAD Leane...bad

mais .... mais tu me brises le coeur petit draggy

do you know french little draggy? I dont but with the power of coffee I can speak all languages!

Sigh...such a shame you see it as a negative vice. Now...lets talk about your sugar addiction shall we........

Nurse Ratched,

Haha I think it would make Le Nurse go a little crazy if she knew I never drink coffee.. but I steals if. Muahhahahaah
such evil in a small package!

now not drinking coffee is ok because that means more for me! But stealing it and not drinking it....BLASPHEMY!

I will have to devise a plan to steal your stolen coffee.......
Nurse Ratched,

The most evil thing ever heard: hey I am gonna put laxatives in the coffee 😂😂😂
Leane, that is the scariest thing I have ever heard of! .
DO IT! put the laxative in the coffee!!
and my virtual sugar addiction does not translate into real life sugar addiction....yours do! ....I will admit to a boba addiction
Katnip KingpinNurse Ratched, you might have a monopoly on clan’s coffee but all the beer is mine!!! Kat, you are my favorite.
I challenge this idea of all coffee is yours...
Nasty stuff. All yours I want the coke

Bites your face , I’m always right :D
Major Ursa,

Lol I hope the uh.. good kind 😂
Leane, dont even think about it!

dragonblade, go read your intervention letter in other post

Reaghnf, DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC!!!! I've missed you!!

Major Ursa, too much sugar...you can keep it lol
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