I have a new idea for a new class....

We have Witcher, Berserk and Paladin.....all great classes......but this new class will be the best of all of them!!

We shall call it the Whiner Class...

When things don't go your way.....Whine....this will give your character the ability to cry in the middle of a battle and stun a foe for two rounds.....

Your unique spell will be tears.....once you have enough mana you can cry in battle and slow your opponent lowering their stats......BUT of course, you won't be able to hit them because....well you are crying......hard to swing a weapon when you a crying....

We can work on the rest of it but please admins lets take a look into this new class.....I think there are tons of people who would jump on it!!
Lmao! That was a good one

Quicksilver, omg yes you didnt forgot
BY THE WAY.....this is not aimed at any one particular person. IF YOU feel that its aimed at you....well....to each their own.....

There has just been a lot of moaning, whining and crying from EVERYONE....even me....so MEH....
now say if this does take effect....can I have a power-boost of Cheese with my Whine???

This is a specialty class. We cant have everyone jumping on the bandwagon. The class of whining is a fine art. Requires determination...dedication...stamina and the ability to cast the spell of words at the right time.

Again...I will only consider this new class an option if Cheese is given as a power-boost.

This class can be attacked, but can't be killed because of constant crying, of course. So the battle lasts for the eternity. Dragon tears eternity.
The only way to finish such battle is to die out.
The class was Immortal. He cant kill everyone, but with his crying he makes a lake and drowns all opponents.
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