Take away beacons...

Sailing is boring ashell now with beacons on every island... let us get compensation for the beaconswe have now then have everyone fight for the mines... that way noobs and high lvls get a chance of getting syd if they willing to put the effort and time into it... long story short islands was 100x better without beacon's so let's take them away!!
bring back the old islands, with the map, and two mines per island.... some of us worked our ass off for the energy replenishment achievement, only to have it made useless.
totally agree, and you can KEEP beacons to use on the new clan quest you have in develovepment for us to gain extra sydian
-O D I N-, * now that's a great idea lol... see mods 3posts 3good ideas let's make something happen
Amherst, as long as ling ling doesn't have that achievement I'll support that
It's true we are here finding island with 1 d 12 hrs (meaning they have been up for 11 hrs)… it would be nice to have a little excitement back
I like this suggestion! I don’t mind fighting more for some sydian , and if someone has more time to sit out there all day, then more than deserving to keep what you fight for!
I'm with laker. It's like only 1 or 2 clans getting stuff from islands. I havent seen a free island for many many months :s
Beacons are fine. Everybody has seen how much it was difficult to reach a mine when wars stopped. Somethimes you had to sail for more than 1h to find the right one. What we need are more island up at the same time.
I liked the old system much more too.
Honestly I liked much more the system with the 10 islands...
it took longer to sail from farthest islands, more fun,
it was clear where the fights were happening,
we had more hideouts

the only drawback was hoarding, but, im sure you guys can do something against that. (shared hideout for the whole clan , e.g. ?)
You can't be sure, that if they remove beacons - all 10 old islands will be back) In Terra we were mining syd in the same 10 islands, when there were much more people in the server... Now you have 2-3 active beacons? Devs may bring back only 3 old islands. In that case - nothing will change.
even thought its now ridiculous how less islands are up - also cant be tracked... in the meanwhile its random and - still not sure how - after 1d sailing you can find 10-20hrs old islands... even with these i am for this system. many smaller clan had chance to mine behind lh (sometimes in peace) and could upgrade their members. with the old system it would be impossible.
for those who want old system back:
- clans could have 10 mines 100sydian/2hrs
- there can be 1-2 clan own all mines as maximal number is 20 mine totao in archipelago.
- lets see in 6hrs with old system if you own all max 10 mines= is 1000×3=3000 how 6hrs in new island its 900 only. but with old system, bigger clans become bigger, smaller clans wont progress. i dont believe that mines wont bedistributed how they was in old days (half elis, half hf)

i think take away beacons, but with the new island system when each clan can own max 2 mines (or 3 or 4 if attacking smart), and stop joke with hide islands for days, yesterday i found a flosar sinking.... with no beacon set, and no miner running. none can convince me, that with many sailing out there, none could find that island for 2 days. i believe what dreidan say about 6 islands unclaimed, but we never meet them, thats sure too... or they would be set already... :D
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