Achievement working? Fervent Gladiator

{ACHIEV 88443} (Fervent Gladiator) anyone else have this already and willing to test it? I have died many many times since getting this and not once noticed a 500 point damage being done. People who have killed me have also not noticed the 500 damage being done.
It should work everywere, so it's easy to test - take off all equipment and die against monster.

And damage isn't exactly -500, but +/-...
If you die in Attack Stance, it gives +25%, also can be block or crit.

And if it works, Blaze of Frenzy IX + Deep Freeze IX + Fatal Arrow of Exhausted Spirit + Ultimate Orb of Courage + Achiev-Dmg would be cool combo)
I have that achievment. Works good !!!
OPTIMUS PRlME, your naked test on mob worked. Will certainly find a way to test some Blaze combos to go with it eventually

autum winter, thanks for posting that it works! Glad to see someone else having fun with it!!

it worked. with a special Thank You to bio-hazard for that death.
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