Bots for weekly quest/7b

Can ye please allow bots to be counted towards kills for the AOH quests... they already have a class and down in the lower levels its just much too inactive to be able to get the quests done.
Also can bots be introduced to 7b? It simply doesn't run down here and thats the only way to get 7b rep at this level..

I know a lot of people have suggested this but maybe since admins kind of back it might get noticed..
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Removed by user
Pushing this one up a bit just because of the bot for 7b, not ruins. I know Glean has brought this one up to me because he has an alt that he would like to work some 7b rep on, but not able to as the lower level queue is not very full. Just in case this is a considered option. Ruins is really great for rep, did my first one last week but not such a good battleground for smaller newer players.
It would be fun if all bots counted for class-specific quests and counted as players. I understand they should not be included for BC pieces, but for others, it would be more fun for everyone if there was more options to complete all battleground quests.
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