The Dawn of Revival for Nova... A New Approach

I hope that I am not over-stepping... but I will explain. Please keep in mind that these are NOT my ideas - I am simply making a suggestion based on existing ones.

Sooooo, from what I hear our current goal is to revive this server. I love the idea... but currently nothing is being done for us, so how can you expect us to do stuff when we are feeling abandoned? With that being said, I am not here to complain, what I am trying to say is that a little communication goes a long way.

Here is where the real suggestion starts. I will explain my thought process (and hopefully everyone will be happy):

This is the simplest I can put it: allow us to have mixed queues. We are not like the other server so we are not to be treated like it. I know this game revolved around Sadar vs Vaalor (and the whole versus thingy), but times change. First, make the mixed queues a temporary thing. There seems to be a huge dis-balance between factions and this seems to be the root of some heavy problems (ascendance included)! All I'm saying is test the mixed queues for a bit and see how it works out. I think the queues will lead to a more balanced game experience and allow everyone to grow faster!

Here's a little chain reaction of what I think that will happen:
• Mixed Queues are allowed. People will become fearless and sign up for Sea Battles and Ruins of Ancient Capital.
• More people signing up, regardless of level (I say level because most times the queues are unbalanced towards one side, so if the leading player from both teams is a strong one, what is there to fear?) and faction will allow for more activity.
• More activity will lead to faster growth [in level, reps, valor, and heroism]. People will fight more, gain more reps, go broke faster. This is where its fun. People will have to grind again! This is the key to the revival of the game.

For example, allow mixed queues for about two months. During those two months, those who need to close the gap between them and the top players - well, they better get to work. Those who are on top, can use these two months to ready themselves for new adventures to come! I think this kills two birds in one stone and as a bonus new players will be able to stay active during their stay.

What is there not to like about mixed queues?

Oh, that's right. If I am in the same clan as you and I know you... We can cheat! Well, in Sea Battles I imagine this will be rare as 4 other people are counting on you to secure the win. Since, this is a 5v5 at the very least it will be very noticeable when clan mates are cheating. However, Ruins of Ancient is another story but we will have to rely on a buddy system, where we can trust that other people will report those who are trying to climb up the ranks by cheating! It's not like everyone is an angel... What is stopping from asking a clannie to put an alt in the other queue and just farming them? We can cheat just as easily! Plus, anyone with a sane mind wouldn't risk getting jailed for cheating. In addition to all of that, you can reduce the amount of rewards that you get by fighting someone in your clan (1v1 when the two of you are alone) by up to 80%. It discourages clan mates fighting each other 1v1 and encourages more people to join (hence reducing the cheating).

I would love to see this game moving at a faster pace so we can eventually grow quick, open the new levels and maybe merge with Terra in the far future?
That's a good idea. It was suggested on Terra as well.
I've answered in a different topic just to keep all things together: To be brief - we're going to implement mixed queues in Sea Battles really soon. Ruins won't be ready for it any time soon, but we're working on it, too.

Good stuff
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Hopefully they just check it out. Ihit did say before more often than not it isn’t an alt. Just someone who didn’t know the player rules that we all kind of made , minimum belt and mount. I like to win of course, but if it was unfairly done so, don’t think it is much worth it.
Mixed Battles.... I was hoping this wouldn't take too long since you used to have the programming done already. Can we get a time frame on when to expect this updated?
Could some advertisment be done here and on social media, could bring more players back. And lets us all know changes are made, etc.
I think that having bots in Seven Bridges makes up for ruins not being mixed as players can constantly get Seven Bridges rep Nicely done!!!
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