Two steps forward Three steps back...

You fixed wars, nice thank you, we have beacons again..but

For over two days now there have been no islands... so beacons gather dust... you have at minimum 6 active clans needing syd to be able to upgrade their people to be able to compete, but need islands to be able to do this with.

People can not do there spq's with no islands...

You fixed treasure map, does us no good if we have no island to find the treasure..

You fixed compass, does us no good if we have no island to fight for

Fighting for lighthouses is supposed to be a fun thing, but need an island ( or three or four) with an lighthouse to fight for......

We begged for cap raise, and now sit in limbo waiting.. if nothing else at least give us a 71-80 bracket so the sixties have a fighting chance instead of just getting run out of the arena...

people are bored...
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Yes please! Fix the island problem
I agree especially about the islands. Even getting an island attacked is better than no islands. Some sydian, is better than the none and since hinting at cap raise, we of course will want to collect in preparation for this change to come.
The game can still be revived but not giving any info to your player base will do no good.

Inform us of your plans.

Show up so we know someone is working for the game.

Even little improvements can do a lot.
just put my signature here, we are waiting)
Most of their player base act like four year old children. If they answer one of the questions, the four year old children will ask ten more base on the answer. Admin is not going to baby sit four year old children, that is why they thought/thinking about having 3 person council to baby sit. Admin is here to operate an online gaming site as a profit for the people that hire them game insight the parent company of dragon eternity.
can try again tomorrow! I hope it was just something temporary if islands were indeed all subbed today! Last time they did this though, I think they were changing some bugs when all islands were not available. They have fixed the kraken issue and maybe they’re attempting the dead mind one? Though I am not sure if that was meant to be a bug.

you can be right. since this morning all sailing event (torlings, barrel, sinra, and probably rachnies) happens immediately when you start sail... but for exemple torlings come for 15 mins (even thought i was sail between islands) and they disappeared at half time, so 7mins 30secs, means i was sail for 7 mins without reason. can happen that this applies to rachnies, barrels, sinra who disappeared after 1h...
this can be a bug, or they "fixed" something... but either way, they are done with it if some already realized
They are back up :) yay for quick fix
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