It's me. My main.

у вас есть интуиция блохи и многих врагов!

Maybe i am this guys alt.....he seems like a nice Flea...
Knowing that person alt is VERY simple. Only ONE person in DE NOVA gets mad as fuck and try to play it off like they are making the other person mad. If I get 100+ bonecrushing rep, I will be happy as fuck not mad because you decide to have a temper tandrum and tell everyone that you are making me mad.
i think i know now^^, , same time in game.
lol altmaker, hard play with main now, so u start with alts:)))?
14:08 OKWhatever » vedmak1984: Dragon Shackles Lethal Bane dont have a dragon...and i will continue to fuck with you and your clan at every chance i get
ok sadar can play with yuors alts, i stop care about it lol.
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