I am looking for a player who has the same problem as me with confrontation points

As in the subject: I am looking for a player who has the same problem as me, with confrontation points, for some time, I have a problem that i do not receive confrontation points for the fight, then I have to send a report and everything runs smoothly for a while, and the question is if someone with the same problem with points or just me .... That is too long and wants to play normally
Are you looking for confrontation points to show somewhere immediately? They do not update every minute, I am not sure the exact timing but main page is different than confrontation ratings page, which is also different from the clan profile page. Where are you watching for the points to show and how quickly after the battle?

Perhaps someone with more experience on confrontation can tell us all how often the pages update
Rating is updated every hour.
Do not write anything at all, if you do not know what's going on...
My points not going up when i win normal on arena i must send raport only help this....and they still can not fix it...sometime i waiting 5 days to back my points only when i raport ....when i no report this no have points on fucking week ...I am tired this ,sometime i must sends stupid screen to prove it im tired of it.
FighterLuu, rude.... and still didn't answer the question "Where are you watching for the points to show and how quickly after the battle?"
you do not know my case, you can not help me so easily, it would have been repaired long ago,,,i watch on http://dragoneternity.com/rating/battlerating/...on last 2 days i win meybe 10-12 time and my points no adds:)
Then put this in the bug section.
My Question is:How many time i must waiting to be normal like another players? Again on Sanday confrontation points stops ,no up when i win on arena.....i dont know ,i not understand ,what i did ,
this is some punishment my for some?

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