Need suggestion on getting tin ore for prospector


I just recently made apprentice for the profession of a prospector. When I looked into getting tin ore for a recent quest, I found all the mines had been taken over by someone named Barbarian at level 70. Is there any other way to mine the tin ore or any other solution to my dilemma?


Change professions until you are bigger. You won't be able to kill barbs for a long time. Hunting is better to start for the extra sparks drops. Fishing and Farming are easier if you are looking for buff supplies.
Thought of another way that might work for you Fenron, If you start the fight, a bigger player can help you. It'll cost them a BC sphere, but they will get Valor for it, so if you have a big friend that doesn't mind spending the silver you can kill the barbs together. You might not keep the mine long, barbs and other players can take them from you, but it's another way to get it done.
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