Need help

So I am on the lvl 34 quest for nephilim and the part where I need 20 kills of the opposite empire in any battle grounds I’m stuck t 15/20 and I’ve killed at least 6 tonight and have not been credited and I’m getting annoyed I really want to get my neph and after being gone for a few years I come back only needing 5 kills I get it and I’m not being credited is confusing and doesnt seem really fair or appropriate. Please help
You have to kill someone who is higher level than you and it has to be valour . And make sure you are the one who is killing him . Not a dot from somebody else or destruction glyph effect of somebody
well..... the quest expires(34) after a year if you don't complete it. need to ask ihit to look into it.... you wont lose the stats, you just need that quest to start again at day 1 of 365..... been there myself and there again
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