I'm so happy for the garabber event!

Usually we spend our time complaining about the game but now we have finally something fun to do! Thank you DE!
yes, thank you to admin for logging on and getting some stuff done!

And the update also included some translations for things that used to be in russian (example: Heaven's Voice: Your Sydian Miners are under attack!).
you remembered us!

thank you VERY much for this fun event!!
Yes ty, first change in 2 last years lol...
Last time after doing the quest in the portal it was possible to open it again after killing a garuug but today it didn't work for me, how about you?
it refreshes 24hrs after you LEFT cave last, to help the quest start, kill some mobs
Thank you Odin!-O D I N-,
Big Thanks to DE for this awesome event Love it!!! just wish we had more hours of prosperity ! I dont think id be sleeping for a few days lol. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyouuuuuuu
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