Captain chest from torlings while in a hauler?

Battle ship, yes, we've seen the Captain's Chest... but has anyone had one drop while in a hauler?

I'll, of course, keep experimenting but I am curious if anyone else already has had one drop.
never ever. Told DE at least 2 years ago but was told it was random.....the only random thing is that they never drop lol
RF_19, thanks hun, figured this was a "feature" not a bug lol good to know it's not just me
We have attacked on the smaller battleships but I have never gotten captain chest despite getting top damage. I was thinking it was going to whoever did the most damage on the Chief.
Leane, yup. on all the other ships except the big haulers. On the big haulers, we're finding that no one gets the captain. I did solo and got lucky to have just the captain.... and got nothing for it. lol
Nope in big ships you never get captain chest or axes . And they compensate the captain chest by 2 gunner , defender or sailor chests
Bio-Hazard, hmm no axes too. Well, that's annoying. Thanks for that info in advance too, haven't been trying these solo until now so never noticed all the missing drops
Storm Kat,

I been king of solo until i hit 37k lol sadly this is the fact
Bio-Hazard, Clan is aware the Battle Ship is going to get a lot more use, so you all better watch out on those seas 81k on my radar now and those captains chest certainly help.
4 battles with torlings crew for battleship. 0 captains for anyone. Even when they all finally followed my orders not to touch my captain.... still not a chest for anyone
back to the little ships I go.
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