Oh my thank u kat!!! U really didn't have to :)
#truth 🤔
was awesome you fast leveled away from me bro, guess you wanted others to kill ya
🤔 trash talk, officially lit! Fight fight

🌭 I’ll sell the hotdogs for the fight lol and the butt scratchers! 🍑🖊
Leane, I'd buy a ticket for a Laker vs Leane fight! No butt scratchers, just butt kickers!
Storm Kat,
Oh Lordy lol I’m gonna have to pull my skills out! Choke him out !!
I have been told my war cries sound like those of angry chihuahua 😂

I’m sure I’ve instilled the fear of god in him now
rascal68, hey its not my fault I was ready for the next level
Leane, I'm pretty sure u can beat me up lol, thats why I'm deducting 20 of kat noob fees to take my place, and it will be a jello fight!!!!!!
Just bought a new bikini 👙 , me and Kat jello fight in le bikinis and you can wear the man thong to be the ring boy.

laker, Leane, I volunteer Nurse to take my place
rascal68, you should definitely fight for the chance to be ring boy
Storm Kat,
bad kitty

1. I only do jello fights when there is whip cream involved...geez you forget I have standards
2. You already got cant back out.
3. Don't be throwing me into the middle of this...bad kat! The idea of a 3 way jello fight gonna knock the boys right out of their computer chairs.
Storm Kat, Nurse Ratched, 3 way jello fight yusssssssssss.. ahem I mean of course I accept this novel challenge *gentlemanly voice*
Leane,Nurse Ratched, Storm Kat, sigh, very hard choice on one hand I get to see a 3way jello fight on the other I have to wear a man thong... after. Thinking about it I accept those terms pm me the time and date :)
00:53 laker » rascal68: lmao i quit
00:53 laker » rascal68: ur the master ( bows)
rascal68, u suck
rascal68, meet me at winery I need to show u something
lol when I read it I thought it said you suck balls 😂
Leane, lol who said I didn't say that.
lakerLeane, lol who said I didn't say that. laker never fails to amuse lol
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