Clan descriptions all messed up

To all Leaders: You'll want to go in and re-do your clan descriptions. Looks like the last update broke them and we're showing all the html tags.
update: edited mine and it's still showing all the tags.

Admin, Please move this post to Bugs and let us know what it's updated so we can fix our descriptions. Thank You
Admin could care less. However I am intrigued that there are some changes indeed in the game. Can everyone post what they saw? I saw they changed the looks for items like neph purple gear 70-90. Or at least I think they did.
New elites on islands
Storm KatNew elites on islands which ones? I saw a level 90 khaiman inland, anything else ?
pearls, khaimans and nylphs. Wish they got rid of the silly compass and fake maps too, but nope. No other changes found.
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