Update on the wife hunt.

Day 82 of the search for a lvl 70 wife...I grow tired and wiry while on this quest. But there is no turning back the joke has gone too far and cant be stopped. I've managed to reach valor cap at lvl 27 but... it's still not enough to impress a mate.. *cough*i'm valor cap btw at least for now any lvl 65-70s reading this . Anyway back to the story. I've managed to find a few lvl 70s but alas i'm yet to win one over with my dashing good looks pink hair and all the clan gear i begged my leader for. The quest continues for a mighty wife.
P.S can we please stop over pricing things in ah no one is gonna buy a guardians hammer for 15g thank you.
How much is a Guardian's Hammer worth, in your opinion?
Storm Kat, 5-8g no lie 7g is way tooo much but if its a dire situation it could be sold for that much as for shield 6-8g
boots boots 6.5-8.5g pants 7g-9g chest 7.5g-9.g etc.literally every low level green item like that should be at this price range. the only time a green should be actually expensive is when its a necklace and amulet those should be no more than 12g
Basically Gosu, How much gold do you make in 1 hop? That is pretty much what I would expect, minimum, to pay for a gear piece.
keep that foot fetish thing a secret and you should be able to find yourself a woman in no time
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