Shaab: Final fight vs. defilers We can win if.........

We don’t have too many of our strong 70s turn defilers and if we all summons a rep that most of have from the Christmas event.
Remember, no one completes the final quest unless the defilers are defeated and I feel strongly if we follow this plan, it can be done.
Considering there are about 100 active players left and the admins did not reduce the total life of the boss...

we have no chance. I wont even bother joining.
Seems im the only defiler right now . If this continue to be , then i can cooperate with you and we may win boss
That’s the negative attitude that will keep us from completing it.
Will try to throw my hat in to help, may have lost my touch. It’s been a while
I will be there with my ice specter. And will be hoping admin gives us another win after the last lost one. Can’t say they didn’t know beforehand this time. And 2 events ago they saved us. So we have some hope
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