Hi, new person here

Hello. I picked this game up since the pictures looked great on the app page and it seems like a great time killer at work. However after looking at forums, was searching how to do that antidote level 5 quest before realizing the answer was at the bottom, I’m concerned.

Is the game dead/dying? Is there still an active player base? Will I be able to uncomplete and/or plainly be unable to do things do to my faction choice? (Chose blue) What’s the best class? (Chose paladin since it was blue too) Is this game more solo now or can I still find people to group with for the big monsters? What’s a good profession to do?

Basically...is this game worth playing? I don’t want to spend money btw.
By the way I can’t see an image for Herald’s Code even though it is equipped. Also I play on my iPhone if that matters.
How can I raise my absorption rate? I see stats for critical, block, and dodge but not absorb.
Better people will answer your topic, i dont believe im the right one to talk about the game dying, but for the absorption question, there is indeed a stat for blocking (stamina), a stat for criting (intuition) and a stat for absorbing (will). There is no stat to help you dodge attacks. :) Have fun man :)
Oh and to raise your will (absorption), jewelry like earrings, rings, charms and bracelets help, and the witcher class (the green one) is the specific class that can raise its will through marks of absorption on blue equipment. (Green equipment has 2 slots for elemental marks and parcels, Blue has 3 slots for elemental marks, combat marks a.k.a. will/intuition/stamina and parcels)

As you are a paladin, you will be able to get more stamina through your gears and marks, which is why your class is more likely to block attacks!

Hope it will help you mate!

Will the hunter guy always cost 30s to use? He’s the only way I can kill the big monsters.
Is there a bettter way of getting dust than farming for the lvl 4 armor and dismantling it? One of my quests is to upgrade my green stuff to blue using it. Can’t afford the auction prices.
Falrensaldeno, Falrensaldeno,

The hunter will cost 30s only for the first weaker monsters, afterwards, it will cost 3 reals i think :)

For the dusts, you can complete the daily PvP quests. the reward chests you receive contain blue and purple essences :)

For the green dust, you will most probably have to buy it and dismantle stuff :)
Shucks lol guess I won’t be doing the elites for awhile then xD

Is there any point to the order long range spell? It causes you to take more damage for a couple turns...why would I want to inflict myself with that?
That's a question i've been asking myself too haha :D

I think it's because of it's really higher damage it deals compared to all other long range spells... and moreover, if we ever get to fight in huge battles with many players on each sides, the order long-range spell is helpful when you have no enemy to fight but want to deal more dmg :)
Fair enough I suppose lol, thanks!
Falrensaldeno, the elites are designed to be slain in a group
Clara Korn,
How am I supposed to group for them though when I can never find other people my level?
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