New Ipad App and Garuug's Sojurne

The Gariug quests do not open on either of my IPad's when the quest pops. If I am not paying close attention to the quest Icons on the left side.... I lose a lot of time. Coupled with the slower entry and exit from the combat screens. successful Garuug is tough. Can you make the Garuug quest open like it used to?
+1 i missed garug twice
Same here
1st time it's happened to me was today. Luckily I was watching chat at the time and saw a "Garuug" quest message. But even after the first fight, I had to go find the quest again to find the next location. Please fix this. I do not see any posts on Terra about this same bug, so does that mean we will Never get it fixed?
I noticed that this is now fixed. Thank you DE for not leaving us. Thank you for the update and bug fixes. Happy New Year.
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