An update with the information. Amazing!!!! Thanks and so far great fixes and will have some fun experimenting with the new features
Shop is available while in fights where back pack used to be, to access back pack click on your character on the top left.
hate it

Screen shot of the update information.
big fingers doesnt worl for this update i can tap on double things 🤣🤣
Unless I am missing something IPAD interface is crippled. I can't see who is near or access friend list. Also, chat screen seems to be all or nothing. Makes in combat communication difficult
Bio-Hazard, hahahaha
Storm Kat, im soooo happy too!!! Yayyyy
Bio-Hazard, ditto but it’s getting better.

I do find I can’t figure out how to change auto orbs off in the fight. I can switch to a new orb only if I have one on panel but holding the existing orb to try to turns off and use no orbs is not working. Anyone figure it out please let me know
quests don’t auto-open and display when new. you must notice in quest tray on left and manually open. with garuug quest you must manually open after each fight. i expect many will miss this timed quest just because they don’t know it happened. occurs with medallion quest after battleground fights, too.

I agree with you moordeenar !! Cause today i was wondering around locations and i used to garug the grabber appears and an auto-open screen quest appears too. I missed garug today i realised at the last seconds that i had him since 2 minutes ago.

Also i have not been experiancing crashes ever before on my mobile iphone !! Now i been crashing alot with this new update. On the other hand, everything seems to be tiny and very small that you cant see it clearly by the normal eyes for example orbs , marks on the gears , and the damage you deal from the opponenet . so do we need a magnifier to play ?!

I did like some in this update but you have to fix those unfavorable problems. And thanks.
I will make a post in bugs and errors so they fix
are clan wars back?
Prince Crimson, no wars
In fact: They fixed nothing. badum tsssssssss ssss sss ss s
I hate the part that i missed garuug quest twice because of this update. Other than that thank you developers for working on updates. More updates means more fun. Please fix the garug quest to pop up again please
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