Watching Cashbacks fight - Winner of the "Most boring" award?

Possibly the most boring thing I have ever done in this game.
23:20 Heaven's Voice: You received 27267. - lost to a player in under 5 minutes
23:27 Heaven's Voice: You received 37621. - won vs cashbacks (yes, all 3 bots were cashbacks) but took over 7 minutes just watching them wave at each other

What's your most boring moments?
Is when i face defence stance elite
Actually yeah two cashback or two onewayticket is the most boring . Espicially if it is vamparism orb . Or courage orb can be faster with little push.

Tbh i usually in the start of the fight , i aim on critting out the bot . If i failed i do all the supportive tactics to make it 5 minutes for example casting mirror on my bot companion which helps some . Most likely i do blaze then mount strike the other bot so it becomes heavy.
hmm waiting for sunken island to come up....5hours later it doesnt so u head to harbor to do hop
laker, and when you sail away is right when the island pops?
Storm Kat, exactly!!
SUPER bored after 3 days of farming shaab, decide to have a look at the guards and who's been on lately.
Found out something interesting;

Self marriage (also appears to be same-sex marriage) can be done in game:

Curious, will this "bug" be fixed, or can this "feature" be used by others?
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