Bots system and magik only for zerks?

1) I have qustion, why bots on arena not the same????
Most strong zerks(68-wierdo), strong palies(68-mad), strong withcers( BUT WHY 63-one way), again most strong zerks(63), easy witcher(but 68^^-cashback), easy pal(63-tigy): strong---its with full red bufs, easy-with orange and not full......
its all bot system for zerks only???

2) Wizards and so most flawed class in magic: they have a reflection of air magic, but it does not help them because zerks and palies have maze magic to damage the air, which cannot be reflected, it doesn't even have to do something, she hits you, if "even pass". They also do not have anything like that either mother is not in the usual magic with additional damage. Even achievements on magic to do, you must be a zerk (2500 damage a fireball). But what about other classes not for this game???
its all system magik for zerks only???

3) Else i got the observation that I have 90% of the arenas, if I can find them myself, that way my team TIGY(63 LVL) with orbs of strench. These orbs never change , as it happens with other players (in they team bots have courage strench vamp orbs randomly). And these strench orbs always have bots on my team no matter which bot on my side.
This is a bug, or someone that has the same nonsense???
Zerks are supposed to crit. I am not sure how they do bots but if you are strong enough sometimes not does not matter too much. I had Weirdo on my side against and still lost. I was literally so terrible you didn't even mount for the last hour of my hop lol and win every fight in under five minutes 😂 #

See the critting out im enjoying (laugh)
See bro
4-5 , 16-21 , 36-43 , 61-70 has the same bots system ( zerk is the top )
6-8 , 22-28 , 44-51 , 71-80 has the same bots system ( witcher is the top )
9-15 , 29-35 , 52-60 , 81-90 has the same bots system ( pally is the top )

Bots are green buffed
Blue buffed
Or red buffed
But the most unfair brackets are 22-28 , 61-70 and 81-90 because some bots has upgraded belts and some has the smaller belt
Bio-Hazard, nice, but i cant crit so much to kill wierdo)))
Leane, sweety sry^^
vedmak1984, admit it you enjoy whippin me
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