blue side

What hapening with valor side? Were the great players of this faction? SB & ROAC most of the times not run or the red side have the strong teams that sometimes we littles can't do nothing against them .blue side its dying slowly and this can't help game please blue ones start playing for we to turn this side strong again . Maybe game will turn back wars again
Well, you could always wait to queue for sea battles in the last two seconds. That's when the 5th Vaalor usually withdraws. I suspect that's because it's a strategy to get Sadar to spend their money on buffs only to not have the Sea Battle run. Of course, some Vaalorians fall victim to their "clever" tactics. Most Sadarians just get the glyphs now, so as not to waste buff materials.
Good luck on getting Vaalor to join in combats though.
It's funny to hear that since it always happens on Sadar side that from 8 in queue with 5 minutes to go, turns to 4 in last second.
So I wouldn't say anything about Vaalor since Sadar always does that.
both sides does it..... vaalor more than sadar though
People need to keep in mind that when you hex someone they are left in the queue until the last second then dropped..... so stop assuming people are doing it to be jerks and realize the new folks just don't know how to play safe and the old cranky folks just don't know how to play nice.
Just get glyphs. Plus sometimes shit just happens.
Glean, bro i see this history so many times but not with valor side^^ lol
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