Computers' strength Vs. Daily Quests

Honestly, even though i love the idea of being able to run arenas with computers and not having to wait for other people to join in , i think computers kills should count in the additionnal quests we get to complete.

By that, i mean with their incredible strength and gears, it's not as if they were easy to kill and as if we could farm reps easily in arenas when there's nobody around... Having to complete quests like "Kill 7 witchers or pallys or zerks" is incredibly though sometimes when nobody is there to fight or when people's classes dont match your quest requirement... Maybe i should've put this thread in Suggestions, i wasnt sure... what do you guys think? i may as well just be too needy, but to me it would be a nice motivation to keep on fighting in arenas and complete daily quests...
good idea a lot of the time I don't bother with the quest for that reason.
Would be nice for clan quests too. Only thing I believe bots shouldn't be able to give is BC rep, that should remain Player vs Player. For quests and dailies, please do let bot count.
Agreed, most of the time anymore, all I see is bots. I can't remember the last time i completed one of the arena quests. (sad)
I'm not sure what time yall are hopping that there is no people in. Almost every single hop I do, there is someone in there. I have maybe once or twice done arenas where there was nobody else in. More often than not, I cannot get kills because the person that joins I cannot beat. I just give up and take the damage arena chest.
Leane, Ya, we have all the central time zone with lots of capped players, bracket is usually full. Other brackets though have fewer players and can easily time getting only 1 or no other players in.
Agreed, bots are so strong they should give bc rep too
Couldn't agree more.I rarely ever do arena because the bots are so strong that its a guaranteed loss and players are nowhere to be found.
The bots are a lot stronger then players. It is a good idea to make it so you get the same reputation like you do in pvp.
Quest kills are not either which is a little strange given the server we are on. whats going on for the players that have not reach lv 70 and still avoid exp to gain reps
Lol we not have nothing to update last time, no rebith, no lotery, no wars even^^, and u want any else.
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