no island mobs?

So, sailed out to kill a few island mobs but they're all gone except on pier. Is this another bug or do we get updates soon for something to do???
Ditto. Got forced to do a 30 mins update, missed a sydian mine reset, and no mobs left on any islands.
I found one island with pirates..
LadyEllora, pier? Lol
Storm KatLadyEllora, pier? Lol

no, I found one island with pirates on it.
Found an island with flosars, others are without mobs indeed.
Any other change noticed? I haven't seen anything else different
Wraith buff shows up when you get off ships on islands now. Not sure the side effects of that yet.
Dropping lots of useless maps again. Haven't seen a compass yet.
Seeing mobs on islands now, woo hoo.
Have got the compass several times... its useless too
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