IHIT Please help, no wars = no beacons

If wars are not coming back soon,
I suggest that admins give us all a life line,
and make Fire Beacon either available to purchase,
or give every clan 1000 each,
until wars actually come back,
Totally agree , we are being left hanging here , and its the worst feeling EVER! Purchase for gold though may i add , as reals are still very hard to gather ( save ) especially in my case. Wars were so so fun , they really brought us all together to kick ass once or twice a week . I miss them soooo much . Please please please give us a sense of direction with this one
Ihit I know you read this. You deleted my post. So could you please answer?
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Please do something to fix this problem
Or at least make us able to buy sydian
Players think this is a bug/problem with the game. The administration has repeatedly demonstrate that this is NOT a problem by non verbal communication. It has been almost a year, no news about resolving the war thing. War participation was a BIG issue when it was featured before admin pull the plug. Only 3 or 4 clans participate. Either all of ya are on denial or just plain love to complain/bitch about things. Please do not let me stop u people from producing toxin inside ur body. I for one do not like being an invalid mentally or physically by producing as many pheromones as possible and as little toxin as possible. I haven't attack no one, but bring on the attackers, I'm rubber it just bounce off.
I believe this is finally being looked at now
The no wars? Or giving clans beacons?
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