Fun in d.e

Well I see that many are becoming bored of game, cause it hasn't been updated as of yet. Why don't we make it fun again, I was told that d.e didn't have wars when it first came out. They had b.c wars.

Not sure what all they didn't have back then, but let's all come up with ideas to make it fun once more. I'm up for a challenge .. as many others probably are as well..
so let's all brainstorm ... :-)
It can be an interesting idea!
Oh Oh Oh! I know! Lets ship battle! Oh Wait, that's not allowed, clan will get hexed, baned, bc'd if I try that :P

HEY! Lets try Roac or SB!...... Oh Wait, nope, can't get enough in queue. Again.

Hmmm, Maybe AOH!? Nope, stalls, bcs, hexes and banes! Oops, guess I shouldn't queue there either. (p.s. thanks dragonflys2 for being a good guy and not making hop hell just cuz I joined while you were already there)

Ok dragonflylove, How about 7b? This I think I can try to get people for. Why don't we start a 7b recruiting time? We should all take advantage of the fact that we even have 7b at the moment. I ask all players to queue for 7b, with Whatever you want! mount, no mount, buff, don't buff, I don't care no player rules, lets just see if we can even get 4 people every hour to take 5-10 minutes and play there?
isn't it time obednitsa
Storm Kat, no I wanna go all out b.c war like in the old days of d.e.... we heal what we deal and we can attack during a said time frame. Like wars just without crystals..
for example say 1-2 pm pacific time. Or any time really it's all out war against whom ever wants to participate.. in say clan against clan. Just for fun with no drama or bitchin or anything in that nature.. it's just all out fun ..
dragonflylove, whatever you are smoking, I want some.... no drama in Drama Eternity? Silly. But I am up for it, always Name the time and I'll bring my spheres... and if we make it a pier party then it's all for hero rep too
Storm Kat, haha I'm smoking the good kind.. and tired of doing the same shit everyday so just thinking of different things to do
How active are we
Let's take a look at the numbers we can plainly see.
Weekly Confrontation as of Today, Friday night for me, 22:30 local time.

League I - 100+ players, but since it's bugged we can't be sure. But lets see how many have at least 10 points (we've been told 71 is easy in many previous posts about being unable to achieve rewards)..... Number of League I over 10 points is 34
League II - 40
League III - 68
League IV - 59
League V - 98

Sadly that is a total of 299 players, knowing that quite a few of them are alts and bugs..... DE please wake up soon and help us. Give us a bone, something to chew on while you get the next "big thing" going.

I will post the numbers again on Sunday, see if Saturday SB changes anything. And yes, I realize some mains are just farming and wouldn't have even 1 point but I think most of us end up with at least 1 point weather we like it or not. Even Nurse has 3 points and all I've seen her do lately is make sure the coffee is fresh

Number before I go out for the day and possibly miss the 00:08 reset:
League I - 42 (over 10 points)
League II - 44
League III - 75
League IV - 62
League V - over 100 (93 with over 10 points)
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