Its very sad DE

i have played this game for a while now it is now getting harder an harder to play a lot of players not playing anymore.I feel sad but do not want to continue paying money on this game while the dev's do nothing so i will be a non participating player until they fix the mess the game is in we deserve better nobody lets us no what is going on or what the outlook maybe please speak to us we deserve at least that
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They do not care about us. They talk whenever they please unfortunately. The people that have stuck around is because of the people they play with, not because this game is anything special or worth the time.
Df2, thank you for taking the time to post. Far too many people have disappeared without a word and if there is no post we never know what happened. Knowing that you are leaving because of the lack of things to do in this game is important for developers to know...... we just all wish they would fix it. I hope there is a huge update and you'll be back..... though more likely more will quit long before that happens. :(
Leane, sorry but I have to disagree with you on that one, they do care about us in their unique way. While we may see things different as players, I have been behind the curtains and I know how hard the stuff that happens on the backgrounds is. But despite my opinions, there should be no excuse for their lack of communication though.
Hate to say it... the people who used to care about us, are clearly busy doing other things. Maybe one day they will return, but I'm not holding my breath.
Jose M,
Agreed, some communication is more acceptable. I do not believe they care because if they did, something or really anything could be said. Even a simple: hey wars will be taken away for next 3-4 months. It will be returned blah blah blah. Something, is better than nothing. When you say nothing, it just seems like you do not care at all.
Most of you people do not understand that back then DE was own by a small start up company. Their main objective is to get as much customer as they can. If they have to spend 100 programmers and give them bonuses and perks then so be it. Expense means nothing only increase clientele. Game Insight bought DE and they care about profits not customer base. NOVA has 4x more toons then TERRA and Game Insight is spending more resource and expenses on TERRA. I wonder which server has a higher profit margin? All you people will say u have to spend money to make money. Game Insight is spending 10x more money on TERRA and making 100x more money than NOVA. Complainers will always complain. Blamers will always blame others. Nothing is perfect, just enjoy the good things in life. Let others like Game Insight be aware of the bugs aka flaws about the game so they are aware but I will not dwell on the negatives and let it eat me up. I refuse to give my power to Game insight or anyone for the matter. All of u have the power and it seems like most of u are giving the power to Game insight..
honestly I have stopped playing other than doing logins and checking news/forums on occasion. I have played this game for a number of years like everyone else and I just can not bring myself to do more because of the tedious repetitiveness. I have also come to the point where I will need to grind for 3 years to become average. [
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