When are you going to bring back wars?

It's been almost 6 months? When will this fix be in place? It starts to get stale a boring without them. I'm betting a lot of clans are running out of fire beacons. Lalalalalala oh wait we're the crap side of Adan....we speak English here so we're just screwed. Bet they have wars on the other server.....
Bump, agreed on the wars. It's kind of ridiculous to be waiting this long with no update.
sigh - still no wars?
Please put wars back!
I think what the admins secretly want to tell us is: 'Don't you get it?! We're not going to fix anything here. Why are you still here? Silly People.'

Zec is the only person I know who followed their advice and stopped playing. But to be honest I think more will follow. I mean even in 9th there are barely people online these days and oh don't take a look at HF. On good days there are 8 players online. 8 of 45. But admins don't give a shit :)
Lmao, I login every day, see that nobody is on, nothing to do in the game, mess around for a few minutes, lose garuug, then log off.
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