Stalling in AH

Come on DE can't we make the rules in AH so the worthless cheating people can't stall for 30 mins on hop ??? bunch of bullshit
Unfortunately there is no repercussion for this. Some people do it out of spite and some people really are just lagging. Would love for it not to be allowed, but it's the only way someone can get back at you. Either make up or keep going. I had someone stall me before, it sucks, but nothing to be done especially if they are determined to get at you.
Truly not meaning to be a smart ass here.... but Apsular does this still exist and does it work in aoh?
Storm Kat, Never seen one
Storm KatTruly not meaning to be a smart ass here.... but Apsular does this still exist and does it work in aoh?
i have 100s will check next time in arenas
actually the time should be reduced in arena anyway, 10-15 secs is plenty of time
Storm KatTruly not meaning to be a smart ass here.... but Apsular does this still exist and does it work in aoh?
no they dont they work only on bc fights nothing else, almost useless these things
I stalled you after asking you to offset my hop. You picked to not want to. That is on you, not me. Then you picked to throw offensive name calling, I simply reported you and moved on. Nothing i did qualifies as cheating.

And yes, apsular are basically worthless.
-O D I N-, Clara Korn, Amherst, that's too bad about the apsular. Thanks for the info. I hope admin reviews that, it says PVP on it, and bots should definitely be considered PVP, so why not battlegrounds?

Admin, you put fast timer on war fights for a long long time and it worked, why have the longer battleground timers? I know many of us (especially me!! haha sorry all) need a bit of time to buy items to cover our ridiculous noob fees, but that is our problem. The good fighters shouldn't be punished because I forgot my draggy food, again. I would definitely support a faster timer in battlegrounds.
Technically stalling isn't cheating, but she obviously did it to get back at you for your response. Seems more like an eye for an eye. I can understand the frustration though, have your hop all set and someone jumps in who has strong possibility to beat you and you want a chance to earn some coin so you ask for an offset.

It's how I feel when I go against someone that obviously will beat me and they still dejection me so I cannot get extra dmg in for some extra gold. You just gotta take it and keep going unfortunately.

If the hop sucks, then it sucks. I have had to face lngslng4u many times and I know my hop is gonna suck after I already started it with red bag. You just keep goin or you dwell on the fact that it is ruined. I don't think the request to offset was unreasonable as he has class advantage. He chose not to and then he suffered for his choice. That's that. No rule breakage. The nice thing would have been to say yes to offset. But Everyone chooses differently and every choice has a result.
Amherst, you stalled someone because they wouldn't do hop at a different time you wanted them to? Seriously???

Technically, i was in hop first. But no, i was asking for offset fights so we both could make more money. But thanks for checking :) when the name calling and bane started, then i stalled. It was one fight only btw. Not that anyone cares.
He baned me during my hop because I lagged for one of my fights so it ran down the clock and I still couldn't hit. Then he threatened that he wouldn't heal me if it continued. Apparently I am not allowed to lag once in a while. I chose to say nothing because it would lead nowhere. Would the result have changed if I told him that was really rude to assume I was stalling on purpose? No, he would probably tell me I am bitch or go attack me or say sorry or whatever. Either way, the fight ended. Nothing would have changed aside from more words exchanged. Meh. You can never control what people say or do. You just decide whether or not what they say or do holds any importance in your life.
I guess the best way to summarize it is: it sucks. It just does. There's no other way to put it. It isn't cheating per se and there's not much you can do to prevent it. I'm not going to lie, when I'm doing hopping with bots and someone like you joins (someone I have like a 3% chance to beat), I get upset because I know that I'm not going to have a productive hop. I just accept the fact that it just sucks.
I would say that she was trying to warn you not to mess up her hop because it sucks when someone comes in and messes up your hop. If she was on hop, she was sacrificing her own hop to get her point across. To be honest, there's not much you can do to get back at someone who you can't beat but this is one way to go about it. That's just a part of life sadly. It sucks
I gave forwarning by even dieing out to try and offset. Again, call me what you want. I dont take it personal, but I dont think name calling is really needed. Really we as the human race should try to be better, not see how low we can sink. I get there will always be stronger out there. I am not blind. But sinking right to name calling and threats is just not needed. My last post on this. Have fun!
Leane and Jose, I wish I could hop the same times as you, quick painful deaths with giggles would rock! I understand the desire to offset fights, so I'll ask incase I am missing something here. How can you plan to offset a fight with lngslng anyway? He can kill all bots in under 5 mins as far as I have ever seen.

Myself, I can only hop in aoh when I am lucky enough to have undistracted time. All I can do is hope that anyone there chooses not to bane or stall my hop.

Yes Amherst, it would be nice if the human race was kinder to each other.
Amherst, you are right, we definitively need to do better as humans. The name calling is really really uncalled for. It just starts a cycle of hostilities that keeps going and going. Nothing productive ever comes out of it. If you gave him a warning, then it is on him. He should at least be friendly enough to sacrifice 5 minutes of his hop to do some good for someone else :)

Storm Kat, Sadly, we don't get the luxury of alternating fights with someone like lngs. We are both zerks so there are crits left and right (mostly on the left because that's where I am). I get killed in 3 mins tops so lngs has 2 more to kill the other bot. I can, however, try to spot & stall lngs for 4 mins and die last second so I can make it alone to the next arena (if the bots on our teams can fight each other past 5 mins), but I don't do it. So to better answer your question, when someone like lngs comes in, I am stuck fighting 5 min fights for the rest of my hop, forever making 1g 50s for every one of those fights. Alternatively, I can do mobs but I find them dull and boring.
Jose M,
My buddy We die together
If I recall, Ihit has already made a post about this asking for input.
lngslng4u has accused me of stalling him before, he was mistaken, but for whatever reason, he chooses to believe otherwise, that is his right. In his defense I can see that when it may take me a while to buy orbs during combat, (normally I could have had 2 attacks by the time the purchase window directly from panel pops up) or using a self preservation orb during a fight may seem like stalling is occuring, and if you are sensitive to any percieved stalling, you will see it where you want to, I can understand why he may think it's a stalling combat. But just like with Amherst, if it was my goal to stall, a 20+ minutes stall would be the result, easily. To someone who doesn't have slower connection speeds, it's probably hard to understand why it takes so long to attack. (My first experience that made me aware that my connection was significantly slower than other players was in caves, at the time after killing the first boss, the first person to open the chest got the goodies. I never got the combat screen closed, much less find and open the chest, before others would post what they had found. It was surprising to know a real-time game could have that much difference per player) Knowing it's a handicap for me, if I have the funds before a HoP, I try to stock up on orbs, pots, mount weapons, etc...because I know it costs me a lot of time to try to buy these during combats. Unfortunately, I don't always have that luxury.
I doubt name-calling, or other types of negative reactions will endear Amherst, or any other player into trying their best to accomodate fast HoP play. As a reference, it isn't uncommon for my solo HoP combats to last 6-8 minutes, therefore, between combats, I'll normally hit protector mobs and restock orbs, etc.. Those combats normally last about 30-45 seconds and pay out silver to help me offset the loss of gold from not getting sub-five-minute arena combats and gives out chances for reals and drops.
lol, i will destroy u for that stall with red bag, and he else post it
I always payed in answer!+ bonus from me in 7 black curses
and will continue stall and bane u too in answer if see always, because u full of shit really Enjoy!
To be honest if here any not changed, soon all be in high league, and how u think do hop with some bigs in one time?
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