Clarify SB alt rules please-

I normally don't post anything. I am here to play and enjoy my time. My oldest toon is almost 2000 days so I have seen a whole lot over the years. When the rules about having multiple toons changed, this toon was created and I worked it as hard as I could to build it up. The gear and reps are not top of the line, but not super crappy either. I made another toon that is Sadar and built it up to better than this one. In the last few month I have worked much harder to build this one. I want this toon to build up gear and reps and to do that, I have to use it in areanas, ROAC, SB etc. I have increased 2 valor reps in less than a couple months. Regardless of the character I play when I join arenas, I buff as hard as I can and play to the best of my ability. I may not be the strongest player with either character but I never show up less than buffed and fight till the end. Today was the last straw. I joined SB and immediately got reprimanded and threatened by Vedmak and Dragon Fire. Both accused me of being a Sadar alt sent to throw the fight. I fought hard against 3 lv 70 elitist zerks and died doing almost 24k damage- not bad considering what I was up against and the constant crits they dealt. Nowhere in the rules does it say that alts can't join any of the arenas. Nowhere does it say that undergeared toons can't join either, which was the case on the sadar side in this fight. If the game wants to change that rule, so be it. But, until then, I would hope that all people here would use some common sense and play fair. I would never put in some crap alt just to change a fight. I got up this morning wanting a sadar SB win and a vaalor SB win to finish my quests. I got neither and only a bunch of kid on the playground bullying from other players. Wait, isn't bullying other players and stopping or hindering them from playing the game against one of the rules? Just my two cents. I will shut up now. I will also be sure to wear protections every day because I can now guess that my back has a big target painted on it. I don't care if people put alts in SB or any arena but at least be decent enough not to sink the other ship by putting a crappy toon in with no gear or buffs. You will never be able to say that about me. Play the game. Have fun. Be decent to each other. Not too much to ask.
I have had the same trouble with a high level vaalors alt who accused me of being a sadar alt

the vaalor alts name was ambeast. (I know who the main is but she insists on denying it so I wont say anything)

This was after I joined ONE SB and ONE Ruins, like really?
I have also gotten orange hexes from Vedmak for no.1 doing ruins and no.2 because he thought I was about to do a SB (which I wasn't) quite ridiculous in my opinion
I say everyone join. I am almost ready!!
nice to see some old time players coming back...i saw anunnaki today too

we get sea battle quests starting lvl22 and i know it ain't fair that the bullies keep us out. but listen - gameinsight just wants money lol and seriously the game is dying and prolly not generating much money. so really bullies thrive here. don't even bother with the guards or even this post. they'll just tell you there aren't any rules being broken, and to use the anti-hex, -bane, -bc buffs, and they'll encourage you to do it all day long...the biggles spend money bullying you, and you spend money trying to enjoy the game, and it's all the better for gameinsight.

i feel you i really do - i've been bc'd hexed baned all that for some phantom-rule i didn't even know about. 6 or 7 yrs i've been playing. ved is a a-hole and so are a lot of sea battle, ruins, islands biggles. try not to take it personally - this game is real life for many of them. their only source for being "successful". they pour a lot of their money into this escape, and not all of them can really afford it. poor ved has a small family forced to live out of a crummy apartment and who the hell knows how they're fairing...all because he's addicted to the "success" he gets out of this game. look at his pics in gallery - so sad that he associates flexing flab with manhood. yes, he's a bigtime bully, but don't hold it against him - he's just being stereotypical russian. and his mates get high off of him - dfire, greenie, etc etc but i'm not being fair - dassdass apparently was american from florida sunny and warm, and he was a total douchebag.

there's really no getting around it. unless you spend about $10k Euro like pandor (just guessing). but i don't usually spend more than $40 a month on games. plus i like real life lol! i spend money on sushi, motorcycle, birthday presents, my house, my nieces and nephews, mom and dad, and i love my friends....and i'm no oil tycoon lol if you need an escape, try another game - yes i know, the more the bullies make people quit, the faster DE goes to the grave. you could swallow your pride, get az-fked by these bullies, and end up with a naked, nothing toon anyway. if you want to join the club and be "successful" or fk around with ved and the az-hat gang, you gotta spend the money and maybe say goodbye to any real life relationships. good luck bruh

ihit no need to delete - i'm encouraging him to spend spend spend!
I get ass beatings daily. You learn to enjoy them and most people that stick around ... it is for the people they like. Been playin 5 years and the game has lost the luster and shine. Oh and wars . WTF YOU DOING IF YOU AINT BRINGING BACK WARS YOU LAZY SALAD TOSSERS
Anyway, with all the defects... I like the people and they keep me coming back. My clan is good and the people I've known them for the last 5 years. However some people play to win only. If you are the kind of person who cannot handle losses, find another game or spend shit tons. This game will only aggravate you. I've had wins in my hand and some people don't know the meaning of fair play, and drop skellies when I don't have the option to cause I already died. Ya keep goin or you will never enjoy the good parts of the game. I dropped skellies once to get a win, and I felt like a butt hole. So no more of that for me :D
Please stop with the threats. This goes for both sadar and vaalor. We are so rude and mean to each other, our community spirit is forgotten. New players are running, fast, and it's not just because of bugs, it's also because of the bullies.

Instead of being complete asses about it and yelling/threatening, why not take a moment to look at the toon you are mad at? Give them a realistic Goal to accomplish to be "good enough" in your opinion. Why not ask a player to "get all your reflect marks" or "get 7k hero of the empire rep" instead of saying "Get out of MY queue, or Else!"? Something that the player can actually work on before joining queue again. Something they can turn to others for advice and help on. Those littles that don't accept the help/advice should expect to be hexed and bc'd, but those willing to experiment and try hard should be allowed to do so without being harassed. Why not Grow our younger players instead of scaring them away? This game is NOT easy, there's so much wrong in it and so many ways to mess up a good toon, why not use our experience and help grow the game?

Impy & Dauntless,
Ignore dears. Just go ahead and do it. Vedmak will never offer you any advice worth taking. Neither will ambeast. Unless you join ninth, of course But even then, I hear both are pretty nasty to clanmates, so don't take it too personally.

GnR2, Please at least get a mount and Canvas Belt of Gladiator (though Roomy Military Belt is requested by most players) before joining. It's a very simple request that all level 22s can accomplish if they put some effort into it. You should also do your green gear quests as the purple stuff you are wearing is not as good as the green you can get from game.

zone out, "if you want to join the club and be "successful" or fk around with ved and the az-hat gang, you gotta spend the money and maybe say goodbye to any real life relationships. good luck bruh". Not true at all. With patience, stubbornness, and finding the right clan/friends you can be very successful in this game. Just ask Leane and many others like her. We didn't get our toons pretty by bullying others or cashing our life savings, or giving up on our real life adventures

Storm Kat,

I am good now I hear. You will help me for sure.
Storm Kat,
I did not lol or I couldn't afford some of the things I have
GnR2, Feel free to ask around, new players will tell you I am very helpful if they actually want advice. Of course it would be nice if you apologized for being a troll first, but I won't hold my breath. And yes, I will let you know next time I hear people want to do skrag cave, looks like you could use some Hero of the Empire rep too, Do you have your map?

Leane, All about having fun
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