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Not sure if it is just the time of day I play or if this is the case for everyone, but what is the point in the daily events anymore? They started off really well with lots of activity on all of them. But I haven't seen a single Ruins or SB run for weeks now :(

I always come back to the same question whenever this sort of issue comes up. Why do factions have to be part of the equation?
Couldn't we simply make all SB's and Ruins factionless on EVENT days? I understand you don't want to make it factionless for all days as it opens up the opportunity for clans to harvest reps at any random time of day by doing clan only SBs and Ruins, but surely on Event day people would be queueing from different clans all day long?

I feel like if something isn't done soon about this issue people will get bored and start to quit (if they haven't already).

Alternatively, if admins refuse to change this, how about moving an entire red clan to blue free of charge to try and bring some kind of balance back to the factions? If they were willing to consider this The Fallen would be open to talking about switching from red to blue (I haven't actually run this by everyone in clan as I am sure admins wont even respond to this let alone agree).

Thoughts welcome on this?
+1 to being rid of factions.

Re: moving an entire red clan to blue = there are many perfectly good and active blue clans already, they just don't queue. Feel free to question vaalors on why they don't queue even though they have just as good a chance of winning as sadars do now. Pretty sure you'll hear a bunch of crap about "feeding reps to sadar" and "being stuck with alts". Same garbage we have heard for years.

It's time for the game's story line to evolve. Sadar vs Vaalor was done a long time ago, Duel of Truth dying was pretty much the last thing Red vs Blue was good for. But even if admin doesn't want to go through all the work and trouble to change the story..... at least BRING BACK MIXED BATTLES! PLEASE We all know these worked great and were a lot of fun. They were taken away and no explanation for why was ever given. Bring them back, let us play again.
This would also eliminate the alt problem since u don't know which team they would fight for in the battle. But in general, I agree, no need for faction battles in sb and ruins. They would go more often and people would be able to fight alongside friends and vs. clannies just like in arenas. Good ideas by kingmp!
+1 for no factions because sometimes I think it's crap that you have enough people online, but since it must be sorted by Sadar and Vaalor , some battles just don't go especially for Sea Battles or Ruins if one side is deficient.
+1 for the move fallen to vaalor idea XD
i like the idea of factions in those battles plus it was statet more than enough that everything giving heroism willl involve factions or clans fighting each other. But there really is a imbalance in the amount of players on each side which is imo 90% of the problem in them moment.
I agree, it will be nice to remove factions from sea battle and ruins
Thank you to all that queue'd for ROAC tonight. I hope they keep going.

Would sure be nice to get the weekly done, but the odds of getting in enough queues is very low :(
I know how to get RoAC and Sea Battles to go. Have an agreement on when alts from Sadar (playing Vaalor) and alts from Vaalor (playing Sadar) can go in. Designate a specific time. Alert all Vaalor to join when Sadar alts are in, and alert all the main Sadar accounts to not join, and the same for Sadar vs Vaalor. Each faction gets their wins, nobody wastes money on ultra-buffing, and the daily quests get completed.
Of course this may be against the rules, as rigged fighting, but maybe not if the alts wear blue/purple gear.
I may get blasted for such a terrible idea, that it's clearly against the spirit of the rules, but if you have paid any attention whatsoever to sea battle results, you would be blasting me for what's already starting to take place.
Seems like the game Admin are trying to prevent water from flowing downhill, eventually it will. Some people will determine a way to get the wins they need, and sending alts when the other faction refuses to queue is the inevitable conclusion, just like it's inevitable for water to flow downhill, people will find a way.
Joril, agreements only work if the parties trust each other and don't back stab...... unfortunately that is not possible in this crazy game full of fakers and cheaters. Your plan would be great, if not for the people you'd have to make the deals with.
Would help if people from Vaalor lvl 40 and below (who are not betepahs alts) could join Ruins and not get orange hex over it in my opinion, also getting threatened to get another if join again also doesnt help

SB ive had no hexes or anything yet, YET

Ruins are level 22-70 so why should the majority of this bracket not actually be allowed enter on the premise of "you don't know what to do", what i fail to wrap my head around is that if higher levels wont let lower levels in, how are we meant to figure out what to do for when we reach their level we wont be runnin around like headless chickens because the exact people who would now want us to join(when we are higher lvl) are the same people who wouldn't let us join before

Ruins is also one of the only ways for us to get 7b rep seeing as 7b doesnt actually run anymore
Storm Kat,

It's easy to do, just pick an odd or even hour, assign the win to whichever hour. Like, Vaalor could be expected to load up all top damage players on Even numbered hours, then alternate with Sadar taking up Odd numbered hours. If either needed their mains to make the addition damage to meet requirements and winning wasn't of concern, then join on the incorrect odd/even hours just for the damage.

But again, I don't like this idea at all, it is defeating the purpose of the game in my opinion, but it would circumvent the cumbersome model of factions.
Ihit - If you do see this could you please just let me know if either option is actually technically doable? And if so, would you consider either option?
really valors not active, here can help only mixed teams, not real almost win with this active sadar alts in valor side....
and for done sb quest for example, need only win, how think its real with that team do it?????
i will continue hex them always, and no need tell me what i trying close game lol(RF)
ans sb its not mobs fight, here need be prepare to fight, when even small do it, we can got our daylly quest and our win ....

See, smaller players can make a difference

See, smaller players can make a difference

yes, but not vs some bigs from elitist anyway^^ and without some valors bigs
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I'm still not sure if they should get rid off fractions, but we shouldn't have to use alts to get a battleground. Why are there so many more alts on sadar side anyway. Maybe more bots are the answer
Because the little vaalors(up to the ruins day on Tuesday) kept getting hexed out of it, now we are "allowed" ruins should run more
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