This is crazy. Why should anyone pay to play if this b.s. continues? We have asked for this before - no alts in bgs! They are good for other things but putting them in battlegrounds is just bad for the game. Make this change already.
No matter if an alt or not that should be banned for joining bgs naked.

And i still think geared alts should be allowed in bgs like sb and such.
Clara Korn, I don't think banned for alt would be solution. I think shackles and ban on alt AND main should be done. It would get people to knock it off very quickly. I don't care if people use a decently equipped alt to go in. (maybe trying to make a second character and don't really care about repercussions of actions because it is a alt). But when they are geared and act in that way... THAT is a different story.
@zulkir how about piiiep's alt dr hyde in the same fight, that is a badly geared alt that joins only to try and get sadar to lsoe
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