Officially Message to Storm Kat (because she take me on ignore in Game)

Storm Kat,

we had a long talk (write) after IL was hijacked in dishonorable Act. You telled me, you have nothing to to withit and tried everything, to help Inferno Legacy on his Way. But you cant do anything against, AS overtake Clan.

Now everyone can see, IL ist your "Alt-Clan". What a wonderfull mystery

Quote from Clandescription:
Alt clan for Storm Kat (and friends). Don't bother applying here. Clan will not be reopened to the public until Admin has responded to requests

So when you really so honorable, you tried to convince me in past, why you dont give back Clan now (when you have the permission for) to his lawfully Members. I am sure, the Chest are nearly empty and we would get a wreck back. But its a Level 3 Clan, our Level 3 Clan.

No surprise there...
Storm Pussy
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