Admins you have to give a little to get a little

Just saying we have not had any special bonuses that I can recall since Christmas time.

No 1.5 reals bonus day (and I miss the days of 2x bonus) - no discounted gear day or half off to upgrade - no half off collections pieces - no raffles, you get my drift.

Normally during the birthday bash or spring renewal we get a little bonus - but nothing so far this year. All we had is ROAC bonus + the poem contest (which was nice) and Terra got a couple extra raffles.

If you would like people to buy more reals then you need to give a little in return.

This is not to bash game or admins. So don't really need trolls posting long unreadable paragraphs on the economics of the game. Just wanted to say HEY DONT FORGET US.
"Well, what about Sunday? Not all the secrets are revealed right on the spot; you’ll learn this when the time is right. Yet, we can promise you that Sunday will be as full of amazing events as the rest of the week. "

Maybe they are getting prepared to do something on Sundays now.

How about something like no gear damage in PvP's on one Sunday?
Bonus Reals on another Sunday?
Bonus reals things are rare and very special occurrence ;)
Plus there were birthday event not so long ago, but don't worry we're always working on new stuff to bring to the players.
any news on updates like lvl 90 cap raise or the mysterious sunday event that was announced when the daily battlefield events were announced. I heard there was suppose to be something about a battlefield revanp or new one to be added or something..
Ihit, then why does Tera get a lottery event, and other items during the birthday event. and when you say we got one.... what was the event exactly? Oh that is right, Echoes of Ancient Battles. right, that felt like a birthday party.... NOT. how about bug fixes, that would be a nice birthday present for a change.
Here's a thought...
Instead of working on new stuff... how about fixing all the bugs players continue to experience and complain about.....
These are continuously posted in forums... but get no response from admins....
Gothic Dragon - bugs like what, be specific instead of being vague. As far as bug reports, go only "real" issue from latest reports is some people having issues getting protector quests.
The bug with the map for the hero of the arch quest is still there after 5 months. Don't tell us that you have nothing to fix.
Insignias not dropping for low levels even with hero quests going. (My first report of this November 7, 2014) Still happening

Stuck in a group after leaving ship. (My first report of this June 3, 2015) Still happening

Another round today of "can't leave fight after dying" and worse I am on phone and can't report bugs while stuck in combat. I did report on computer during war and got the typical "fix your computer" BS reply. (My first report of this July 21, 2015 and again Nov 22, 2016 and now again on May 16, 2017) Still happening

Clan Standards not always working "A bug we know about error". (My first report of this August 15, 2015) Still happening and can directly affect the outcome of wars.

Can't attack after nephing, buttons grey out. (My first report Feb 5, 2016) Still happening though very rare and quick enough reboot usually means it's not a big problem for me anymore but we still see this pop up on forum complaints.

Having to refresh every time we hand in hero island and protector quests. (My first report of this July 8, 2016) Still happening but just needs a quick reboot to fix it.

And keeping in mind that my frustration level with the "fix your computer" replies has stopped me from sending more.
Ohhh and add the confrontation points stuck for over a year and denying low levels the caskets they deserve.
Oh and add mobile unable to see lighthouses. I did not realize until recently how many people play exclusively on mobile. I realize this isn't a "bug" but it is a big fix needed in order to keep growing the game.
Thought bugs were to be repoted on the bugs page. I am so stupid. Mobile chat is broken. Hunter knife cannot be fixed on mobile but can on pc when collecting animals. Dude, the list is long, and we get the same bs answer (or more often no answer).
Thank you for the reply Ihit. There was not much on Nova for the birthday event - we only had ROAC quest and poem contest. No raffles/discounted gear/upgrades or bonus reals. Yes I know its a "rare" thing...but shouldn't be that rare is a point I am trying to make. Just need to give a little to get a little. It appeared more was happening on Terra according to their news posts. I like this game and I like the community on Nova - if we ever got moved to Terra, I would probably quit. Just wanted to remind you all not to forget us and that we could use a little fun and happiness around here

also seems to be some bugs/problems that have not been addressed. Was not the point of the post but if it works - then vent away!
when are the sydian caskets coming back
When are you fixing it so I can set islands on the phone
IhitGothic Dragon - bugs like what, be specific instead of being vague. As far as bug reports, go only "real" issue from latest reports is some people having issues getting protector quests.

Sorry for being skeptical...but that protector bug has been around for about three years now? Seems to me it should have been fixed long ago. Oh and then there are my numerous at least 6 months old bugs report that never got an answer... I don't see a fix on those issues yet? And no you can look for those reports yourself, I've reported them enough times to have been noticed.
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