Loss of Gear Durability!!!

I would like someone to explain how the durability of my gear changed from 66/66 to 50/66 from being killed once???

I fully repaired my Golden Eagle Leggings before upgrading it to Twilight Avenger Leggings, so it should be at full durability
Got killed (only once) in a fight against hero mob.. that's when I noticed the durability of my gear unreasonably reduced!

Asked for gear damage to be displayed again. Not the first time I have made this request. Thanks for posting to show Exactly why we want this back.
Good luck getting any reply
Storm Kat,
Guess now we know why that won't be back....
Not showing damage means we are unaware of gear durability being reduced more than they are supposed to... hence us being forced to spend more money on repairs.....
You're right... admins don't seem to care about us or what happens to DE anymore!
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